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Upcoming Phowa Foundation Programs

Tsetar Shrimp Release & “Living is Dying” Program
Online & Sarasota, FL- December 2023

Please join Anyen Rinpoche and Allison Choying Zangmo in Sarasota, Florida, this December as they perform a special life release, offer a weekend program and perform a longevity blessing.

Click here to register for online attendance, in person, and/or to make a donation to the life release.

Longevity Blessing and Dorje Namjom Cleansing with Anyen Rinpoche
Friday 12/01, 7pm, In person Only
Historical Society/ Crocker Church, 1260 12th St, Sarasota FL

Anyen Rinpoche will offer a blessing ceremony focused on purification, longevity and healing, for all who wish to attend. This powerful Tibetan Buddhist blessing, given in the tradition of Dorje Namjom, has traditionally been used to cure ailments (especially to the nervous system)and dispel obstacles to life and health, especially by purifying underlying causes of illness and imbalances.

Attendees from all backgrounds will benefit from this healing evening with Anyen Rinpoche. Please bring your friends and family, especially the elderly and those facing any physical and mental health problems.

Dorje Namjom - also known as Vajra Vidharana or the Vajra Subduer - is one of the five purification or cleansing deities taught by Lord Buddha, and is regarded as the most important and powerful among the five - the Subduer of all negativity.

Tuition: $50 (A limited number of scholarships are available for $35 tuition. Email to request).

Weekend Program: “Living is Dying”
Saturday & Sunday (12/2 & 12/3)
Online & in person in Sarasota

Join Anyen Rinpoche and Allison Choying Zangmo for a day and a half of teachings and practice in lovely Sarasota, or streaming from afar. Moment by moment, death is approaching. Are you ready? Day by day, we are facing the sufferings of aging and illness. Are you facing it with courage and patience? Join Buddhist Master Anyen Rinpoche for teachings on how to take aging, illness and suffering to the path.

Anyen Rinpoche will also touch on the incredible merit, purification and virtuous karma that results from saving lives and performing life releases.

Tuition: $108- Online (Sat & Sunday only, does not include Friday longevity blessing) $165- In person, including tuition for Longevity Blessing Friday PM.

Supporting this year's Tsetar Shrimp Release

Please make your donation by November 20th to be included in our planning.

This year's Tsetar Shrimp Release will be performed by Anyen Rinpoche and Allison Choying Zangmo by boat, before the weekend opens to the public. Last year, our generous dharma circle donated over $5,000, allowing for the release of 10,000 shrimp! This December, we will sponsor the purchase of shrimp that are caught in the Tampa area as bait. These shrimp would otherwise be used the same day as bait to catch fish, or die in the tank waiting to be sold. We will release them back into Sarasota Bay, part of their native waterway. We will pray for these creatures and dedicate the merit to beings everywhere. We Invite all, far and wide, to participate by making a donation to help us sponsor this meritorious release!

The powerful tradition of Tsetar:

The traditional practice of tsetar saves beings that would otherwise be killed, and releases them back into a safe environment where they can continue living. Among the many virtuous practices in the Vajryana tradition, this one has exceedingly great benefits and is taught to be the best of all longevity practices. In Tibet, animals sent for slaughter are often “ransomed” by Buddhist masters and practitioners who buy them from the slaughterhouse and set them free. This not only pacifies the fear of imminent death, it also frees these animals from ultimately rebirth in the lower realms, and extends the lives of those participating in the practice. This practice is traditionally done for the sick or dying, to help purify the karma of their illness through saving the lives of other beings.