Phowa Foundation
A Special Project of Orgyen Khamdroling

Statue Consecration

The Statue Consecration Project at Orgyen Khamdroling, Denver, CO was very successful this year! In the past we have offered only a few consecrated statues, but in 2019, 90 statues were prepared, filled with sacred substances and mantras, and consecrated. Over 50 people from the US, Canada, and Mexico purchased statues or shipped their statues to us for consecration!

Hundreds of hours were devoted to accomplishing the project with our entire sangha participating in purchasing statues, mantras, and sacred substances in Nepal, receiving and cataloging statues shipped to us, cleaning and painting the interior of each statue, rolling mantras, filling and sealing the statues and finally, consecrating the statues during 3 separate ceremonies and keeping the statues on the Rigdzin Dupa Drupchen shrine for 8 days, then return shipping statues to participants.

It has been a very inspiring experience to be able to provide this service which supports the practice of so many dharma practitioners. Thanks to everyone for your patience, trust, and generosity. All funds raised through your purchase of consecrated statues and your consecration fee donations for statues you sent to us, support our Orgyen Khamdroling Dharma Center.

We have decided to offer the Statue Consecration Project service again in 2020. If you are interested in receiving information at a future date regarding purchasing a filled and consecrated statue or shipping a statue to us for filling and consecration, please click here, fill out the brief form and submit it. When our plans for the 2020 Statue Consecration Project are complete, we will contact you with all the information you will need to participate. Please share this information with those you think might be interested. Thank you!